LinkedIn Compay Pages

Get an Edge on your competition. Extend your brand, expand your network, establish your credibility, and grow your business.
The graphic at the top of this post is the banner from my company page. 
Did you know there are 840 million Members and “only” 54 million companies? With numbers like that, LinkedIn Company Pages offer you an excellent opportunity to stand out and grow your network.
LinkedIn Company Pages, give your company a home base, separate from your Personal Page. Putting a spotlight on your company, organization, or institution, Company Pages allow LinkedIn members to discover and connect with your company and learn more about your organization’s brand, products or services, expertise, and career opportunities in a more direct way.
With my professionally designed and configured Company Page, I can:
1. Extend your brand
As opposed to a Personal Page, a Company Page spotlights your brand, your identity, your mission, and your company’s culture with photos, company news, employee videos, and testimonials. Most social networks allow you to link to and from your LinkedIn page, boosting recognition and increasing your number of followers. In addition, you can extend the reach of your Company Page by adding showcase pages that focus on particular areas of your business.
2. Share updates and news
LinkedIn features a content stream on which people share and discuss important articles, updates, and trends. Your Page is the perfect place to engage with customers, employees, investors, and fans, keeping them informed and inviting discussions.
3. Post jobs and connect with potential hires
LinkedIn is a professional social network, meaning users benefit from work and career-related updates, connections, and interactions. Take advantage of the fact that Members join LinkedIn to discover and discuss job opportunities.
4. Attract top candidates
Highlight your company’s culture and job opportunities. Share your company’s story. Candidates are 1.8x more likely to apply for a job if they’re familiar with the company. Give candidates a feel for your work environment with videos, photos, employee-created content, testimonials, and targeted messaging. Help candidates determine if they’re a good fit.
5. Expand your network
You already have a personal presence on LinkedIn. Company pages boost recognition and increase your potential number of followers. Some of your audience may use LinkedIn as their only social media platform, so creating a Page would give you a chance to connect with new customers and employees you would otherwise miss.
6. Improve your search engine your listings
LinkedIn Company Pages rank on search engine result pages (SERPs) like any other website or social network. Creating a Page gives your company another opportunity to be discovered by those searching for your products, services, or brand.
7. Establish yourself as a Thought Leader
Get recognized as a resource, an influencer, and someone other business leaders reach out to by creating and publishing original content about important issues or developments in your industry. Share your opinions and insights, and educate your network.
Do you have a company page? Or thinking about getting one? I am offering a free 15-minute evaluation to give you some insights. Please email me at [email protected] to book a time for our call.