Calling Dr. Design


Occasionally, I get a call to work on what I call Problem Projects. These projects often have tight deadlines, or maybe the initial designer dropped the ball, or the client’s staff was stretched too thin.

The first thing I need to do is put the client at ease and gain their trust before jumping into the job. In these cases, I function as much as a therapist as I do as a designer, listening to and understanding their problems and bringing order to the chaos raging around them.

I see myself as “Dr. Design” (In extreme cases, Dr. 9-1-1), bringing a very particular set of skills that I have acquired over a long career. 

Communication: At the heart of my process is the belief that collaboration and communication are essential. I initiate an ongoing dialogue to build trust and convey future design concepts and rationale to clients and team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Expertise: As the “Hired Gun,” I assure the client of my background and my understanding of design principles, tools, techniques, and technical considerations across various media. This includes my experience working on different design projects, such as web design, graphic design, branding, and UX/UI design.

User-Centered Design: My design philosophy centers around the user. I often tell my clients that I put myself in the target audience’s shoes and focus on creating designs and messaging that speak to their needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless and recurring user experience.

Design, Innovation, and Problem-Solving Skills: We finally come to the meat of the matter. Everything up until now has been theoretical and managerial, but I get paid to “come up with stuff,” and not just any stuff, but stuff most appropriate to the client and the target audience. Creativity, willingness to experiment with new ideas and approaches, and the ability to identify design issues and develop practical, creative solutions are, professionally speaking, where I live!

Project Management: Here’s all comes together. I also must manage the design project from conception to completion, bringing it in on time and on, or under, budget.

At this point, the crisis has passed, the client can breathe easier, and I get paid. I pack up my laptop, collect my notes, bid farewell to new friends I may have made, real or virtual, and like any superhero, head into the night, awaiting the next time there is a call for Dr. Design.


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