Be the CEO of You!

Wit and, yes, wisdom, for Every Entrepreneur.

Who needs another “How I Did It” business book written by a downsized corporate executive with a golden parachute, seed money, and a ticket to the old boy’s club?

Michael Pilla wrote You Oughta Be In Business for everybody else — those of us who start out with nothing but a dream, a laptop, and a mild sense of desperation. He shares his knowledge, wit, and real-world experiences in dealing with the challenges and absurdities facing today’s budding entrepreneur.

Whether you’re developing an App that locates Gluten-Free Sushi or a former CFO who discovers a sudden passion for installing central air conditioning — this book is for you!

The Info You Need to Succeed!

  • Passages: The Entrepreneur’s journey
  • Managing: The Four Horsemen of success
  • Cash Flow: Even when you have none 
  • Branding: Who are you, anyway?
  • Pricing: The Chico Marx School of invoicing
  • Coffee Makers: Grinds, pods, or even tea
  • Chat GPT: It’s like hiring your imaginary friend
  • Staffing: Putting your pets to work
  • Zoom Etiquette: Once again, pants/no pants
  • Networking: Event Kabuki

“Rave Reviews for YOBIB”

FROM THE FORWARD: “This is the book entrepreneurs need to read. It is a humorous textbook for grownups written from Michael’s own experiences – both his successes and his failures.

Mr. Pilla walks the aspiring small business owner through various levels of starting and running a business, from employee to the CEO of you and everything in between —and beyond).”
Michael Nicloy, Head of Publishing
Reji Laberje Publishing

A “Humorous Guide” indeed!
Mike’s a High School classmate of mine, he writes in the sound of his voice, a seasoned, practical, hard-working New Yorker. The book offers something for everyone, whether you are thinking of starting your own business or just curious about what it takes. I was thinking that if he were to re-write this with some made-up characters, it could be a best-selling novel. You’ll enjoy this, and I am proud to say I knew Mike when, and I’m betting he’s still that friendly, helpful guy. — MC.

A “must read” for business owners!
“I’ve been waiting for this book! It’s a road map through the starts, detours, and joys of being an entrepreneur. It’s packed with creative ideas, tips, and examples, and filled with humor and wisdom based on real-world experiences.” — ES.

Honesty in this little gem!
“Great book for any business person with a sense of humor. Mr. Pilla is very frank about what it takes to start a business. I plan to use his book in my senior class because many of my students want to be entrepreneurs. Good job!” — RR.

I never thought I’d wet myself laughing at a business book!
“Shining a bright light on the reality of starting your own business and being your own CEO was never explained as clearly as Mr. Pilla explains it. I highly recommend this Book!” — JG.