A Lesson on Closing the Deal
from the Italian Renaissance


The City of Florence began building its cathedral in 1226. Optimistically, they reserved space for a vast dome, even though no one knew how to erect one that would be 150 ft. wide and start 180 feet above the ground atop the newly built cathedral walls. The plans called for “an ingenious solution.”

In 1418 Filippo Brunelleschi, a prominent Architect and Engineer guaranteed he could build the dome with his own “ingenious solution.” There was just one catch.

Brunelleschi refused to divulge any details. Florence being what it was, he feared that his plans would be leaked to a competitor who would then take credit for his ideas. After several tense rounds of questioning, an exasperated Brunelleschi blurted out, “Just give me the job! How I do it is none of your business.” This novel approach to closing a deal worked, and in 1420, he won the contract.

I’m sure every designer and copywriter has wanted to blurt out to a prospective client, “Just give me the job! I’m going to make you money,” but have kept it to themselves in the interest of staying employed and not getting thrown out of the room.

While I don’t expect a client who may not know me well to hand over an assignment, I do have a method of demonstrating my expertise and building trust without a significant commitment on their part.

I Call it a Brand Check-Up.

A Brand Check-Up is a comprehensive evaluation of your Digital Presence (branding, web, and social content strategies and messaging ). We’ll find out what’s working and what needs to be improved, where you are now, and where you want to be. Then, for a nominal fee, we’ll submit a comprehensive plan for your Digital Transformation. This blueprint for success will include the following:

• The current state of your brand

• A clearly defined mission, messaging, and target audience

• The benefits of refreshing your brand

• Recommendations for improving your brand

• Revamping your online presence

• A list of deliverables and actionable items

You can then continue working with us or implement the plan in-house. If you decide to hire us, the cost of the Brand Check-up will be applied to any of our Brand Transformation Packages.

Interested or curious? Let’s schedule a short Zoom call to discuss the details. Please take a look at the Calendar or email me.

As for Brunelleschi, He was granted the commission to build the dome, and he proceeded to implement his unique construction methods, which included using a herringbone brick pattern that supported a decorative inner shell and the iconic outer dome. It is still the largest unsupported masonry vault in the world.