Branding: DIY Could Mean DOA


The cornerstone of a successful business is a memorable brand identity that advances the mission, resonates with the target audience, and speaks to their needs.

Many business owners take a hands-on approach to developing their brand identity, or they farm the job out to an old buddy, a recent college grad with access to Canva, or, in extreme cases, an out-of-work relative. Larger companies with creative departments figure they already have creatives on the payroll, so let’s keep them busy, save a few bucks, and have them develop the identity. Who knows you better than your employees?

However, there are several compelling reasons why doing so is neither smart, effective, or economical.

Looking Inside Out, NOT Outside In: It’s tough for a company to remain objective when creating its branding. This can result in branding based on internal assumptions about the company’s image or personal preferences and biases of Senior Staff.

Your potential customers are not thinking about your company’s inner workings; they are seeking solutions to their problems. Branding should focus on their desires, not your internal preferences.

Faking it ‘Till You Make It…Sort of: Your staff may lack the expertise and experience to create effective branding and rely on outdated or uninformed ideas. Effective branding requires up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and best practices. What seems like a “breakthrough idea” in the office may be “yesterday’s news” to the rest of the world.

Just Who Are You?: Without established branding guidelines, logos, color schemes, and messaging, you risk inconsistency across different platforms, leading to muddled messaging and weak brand recognition. Consistency and clarity are crucial for building recognition.

Putting Your Money Where It Will Do the Most Good: DIY branding can consume more time and resources than hiring professionals. The trial-and-error approach often results in higher costs and diverted resources that could have been used for business growth.

Tunnel Vision: Internal efforts can lead to a limited understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning. Professionals offer valuable insights and a fresh perspective, helping to identify overlooked opportunities and strengths.

Risking Your Reputation: Poor branding can damage a business’s credibility. In today’s competitive market, first impressions are often made online, making building trust and credibility at every touchpoint essential.

While DIY branding might seem like a cost-saving measure, it is essential to consider the long-term implications and potential risks. Investing in professional branding services ensures consistency, saves time, and enhances your market presence, leading to greater success and recognition.


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