Super Hero Branding Secrets

Halloween is about costumes and the best ones belong to Super Heroes! More than masks and tights, they make these Heroes the biggest brands in the world. Forget x-ray vision or scampering up the sides of buildings, World Class brand recognition might just be their real super power. What can we learn? Read on… Excelsior!

1. Tap into Mythology—In this age of Permission Marketing it isn’t enough to promote your product or service, you must connect with your audience on a almost sub-conscious level. As simple as they may seem, Superheroes endure because they tap into universal human needs and concerns. 

2. Get a Spiffy Logo and Costume—Appealing to the collective subconscious is OK, but what good does it do you if nobody knows about it. Each superhero costume is one big branding campaign. It reflects who they are and creates loads of merchandising opportunities.

3. Have an Origin Story—The Origin or Branding Story is their Mission Statement, their “Why”, the reason why they do what they do the way they do it. On a deeper level they also inspire others to be heroes in their own lives.

4. Embrace Your Super Powers—Super Heroes are defined by their Super Powers— the extraordinary capabilities that set them apart from every other costumed crusader. By focusing on what they do best, each Hero fills a need and deals with difficult situations on their own terms.

5. Mingle with the Masses—Secret Identities are the Super Hero way of keeping it real. It allows them to spend time with people they serve, get to know them better and see first hand how they can help — it’s like there doing their own market research.

6. Vanquish a Super Villain—Heroes also defined by their heroic deeds. They build their reputations by taking on Super Human challenges and consistently delivering results for their people…at least until the sequel.

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