Moving Forward.

In the blink of an eye, our worlds have completely changed.

The extended self-quarantine has caused us to find new and inventive ways to maintain our relationships. Zoom, House Party, and What’s App are now part of our daily lives. Along with Facebook and Instagram, they keep us socially connected while we keep socially distant.

Just as we’ve had to discover new ways to keep in touch, we have to develop new strategies for conducting business remotely. 

The economy may be in hibernation at the moment, but when things get going again, you’ll want to hit the ground running. Current clients need to be kept in the loop. Future clients need to know you before they need you.

Luckily, the answer is at your fingertips. If you haven’t devoted much time, or resources, to Digital Marketing, now is the time to go all in.

To help you succeed in these challenging times, I am offering a number of digital programs designed to keep your name top of mind and your hand in the game.

Overwhelmed? Book a PillaTalk

Now is the time to scale up your Digital Marketing efforts: re-evaluate your strategy, redo your website, start an email campaign. I offer Seminars, Workshops, Coaching, and One-to-One Training that make sense of Digital Marketing.


“Join” your fellow shut-ins and Learn how to grow your business without going outside. In-depth, virtual seminars that cover the latest techniques and developments in Digital Marketing

Social Media and Social Distance

Your Social Media presence is more important than ever. Share your experience and expertise while you build a following. Now would be the time to reassess your strategy and content.

Big Ideas for Small, or Any Sized, Business

No nonsense branding and website design that builds your community and engages fans and followers! Use your time for SEO, content development and site design,

Reach Out with Email Marketing

Still the most effective form of Digital Marketing (you’re reading this, aren’t you?) with a $40 – $1 ROI. Keep in touch and deliver your message right to your customers and prospects. Sign Up »