Be the CEO of You!

Humorous Insights for the Serious Entrepreneur.

Who needs another “How I Did It” business book written by a downsized corporate executive with a golden parachute, seed money, and a ticket to the old boys network?

Michael Pilla wrote You Oughta Be In Business for everybody else — those of us who start out with nothing but a dream, a laptop, and a mild sense of desperation. He shares his knowledge, wit, and real-world experiences, on dealing with the challenges and absurdities facing today’s budding, and in some cases aging, entrepreneur.

Whether you’re developing an App that locates Gluten-Free Sushi or a former CFO who discovers a sudden passion for installing central air conditioning — this book is for you!

The Info You Need to Succeed!

• Reasons for Starting a Business
• The 6 Step Entrepreneur’s Journey
• 4 Horsemen of Success
• Cash Flow When There is None
• Branding: Who You Are, Anyway?
• Coffee Makers: Grinds or Pods?
• The Chico Marx School of Invoicing
• Networking Event Kabuki
• Managing Your Clients
• Using Pets as Staff

“A great book for any business person with a sense of humor.”

FROM THE FORWARD: “This is the book entrepreneurs need to read. It is a humorous textbook for grownups written from Michael’s own experiences – both his successes and his failures.

Mr. Pilla walks the aspiring small business owner through various levels of starting and running a business, from employee to the CEO of you and everything in between —and beyond).”
Michael Nicloy, Head of Publishing
Reji Laberje Publishing

A “Practical Guide” indeed!
Mike’s a High School classmate of mine, he writes in the sound of his voice, a seasoned, practical, hard-working New Yorker. The book offers something for everyone, whether you are thinking of starting your own business or just curious about what it takes. I was thinking that if he were to re-write this with some made up characters, it could be a best-selling novel. You’ll enjoy this, and I am proud to say I knew Mike when, and I’m betting he’s still that friendly, helpful guy. — MC
A “must read” for business owners!
I’ve been waiting for this book! It’s a road map through the starts, detours and joys of being an entrepreneur. It’s packed with creative ideas, tips and examples, and filled with humor and wisdom based on real world experiences.” — ES“Humor and

Honesty in this little gem!
Great book for any business person with a sense of humor. Mr. Pilla is very frank about what it takes to start a business. I plan to use his book in my senior class because many of my students want to be entrepreneurs. Good job!” — RR

“I never thought I’d wet myself laughing at a business book!
Shining a bright light on the reality of starting your own business and being your own CEO was never explained as clearly as Mr. Pilla explains it. I highly recommend this Book!” — JG